This week we start off with the overall energy of self love.  As we (hopefully) indulge in our bank holiday rest perhaps pouring our favourite drink while enjoying a different view, we may be fooled into thinking that this is exactly what this card is prescribing.  I’m not one to ruin that much earned rest, but I think there’s a little more depth to this card.  Don’t worry, I’m not about to recommend whipping out a pile of self help books so stay with the view for the moment.

So often our reason for loving ourselves is to gain or achieve something such as love, success, financial abundance etc.  Rarely do we view it from the perspective of actually discovering ourselves.  While you are making the time to relax, this card’s energy recommends asking your spirit what you need to sustain your well-being in the long term?  Ask yourself: How can I support me?   What do I need to nurture me physically and soulfully?  Sometimes we don’t like to scratch beneath the surface too much for fear of uncovering something uncomfortable, but taking a path to self discovery and self acceptance is a wonderful destination and worth it to deepen your relationship with yourself. Let’s take a look at the individual cards.

More rest energy from The Four of Swords perhaps physically but also perhaps side stepping a more challenging task by taking a metaphorical nap. Place the focus elsewhere for a while and as so often happens the solution appears.

Justice makes an appearance this week. This could well be in the legal sense but also in a social sense too. The King of Hearts in this card makes sure all the facts are known. He tempers the Queen’s more emotional demands to hold everyone to account. So whether you are at the receiving end of Justice or delivering it check the facts as well as the social implications. If we are the ones sitting in judgement will we choose the king or queens style of deliverance; more forgiving or demanding our pound of flesh? If we are the recipient we can expect what we deserve.

Whatever the reason for the appearance of Justice the Six of Swords indicates we are moving to a better place (again metaphorically or physically). This place is likely to be a place of safety and can be a temporary haven while we figure out what we want or need.

I feel the Strength card is connected to Justice in that we get to choose how we react to others around us, and in the context of the weeks energy of self love it may well have a lot to do do with our relationship with ourselves. The strength card shows that we are choosing not to react in the ‘normal’ way when we perceive ourselves to have been unjustly or mis-treated. We can understand the way we wish to be understood. This card arrives to remind you that you are far stronger than you realise and here we see why we may need that inner strength…..

…..The Magician Reversed!

Perhaps because this card is reversed we are participating in a little self deception? The Magician requires us to fully recognise our uniqueness and free will. That, as in the Justice card, with our individual power comes responsibility. To use these with full effect we must truly understand ourselves. This week our internal discovery may lead us to become more open minded and through that process of understanding ourselves more be able to understand others too.

The Page of Pentacles reversed may leave you feeling inexperienced, but you really have been through a long process and as is theme throughout this reading you may be hiding your real abilities (remember the self deception of the Magician). Stop kidding yourself, you’ve been prepared for some time now and are ready for the competition.

What competition? Well the game of life of course! This Five of Wands depicts Flamingo croquet and Alice had noticed (once she had her Flamingo under control) that there were no rules. The game hones the skills. Playing with others that are better than us gives us opportunities to improve and develop those skills. Sometimes things get a little out of hand and it all results in a good quarrel. The question is… Who are we really competing against? Them or ourselves? Back to knowing ourselves again I believe?!

Show your beautiful colours!

Decks used for this week’s reading Tarot on Wonderland and The Threads of Fate Lumens edition

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