The Month Ahead May 2021

For those of us in the UK it’s a May Bank Holiday and I’m using Wonderland in Tarot for May’s monthly reading. Don’t the first three cards just speak of home or what feels like home? So whether you are out and about or enjoying your creature comforts I hope it feels as good as this looks šŸ˜Š

The overall energy is Fate this has popped up previously, and once again we are reminded to take control of our destinies. Life isn’t always fair. We don’t start out on equal footings but we can use the lessons we’ve learned and our own unique set of skills to ‘weave’ our chosen elements into our life.

Alice in this Ten of Pentacles is feeling safe and loved by the fire in the drawing room. Her beloved Kitties are snuggled near by.. No matter what troubles have befallen her or challenges lie near by, this card shows the gift of stability that a loving family can bring. Family, being friends and loved ones, that form your spiritual clan. If you are not experiencing this currently, ask yourself how you may bring this into your life? Do you need to put down new roots? plan for your future financially to give you a larger sense of safety and security? What do you need for a balanced and happy life?

The World in this deck does show that balance has been found (or certainly must be close by this month) … We have adapted to life’s chess game and gained wisdom through the process. The hints of completion from last month look more final. You have had to adapt to your environment and here you are .

You should have something to celebrate at the start of the month for sure, but maybe during May on general… It doesn’t matter what exactly. Celebrate your achievements, the completion of this phase passed, or of course The Four of Wands is the card of holidays and parties so maybe it’s as simple as enjoying this long weekend with people you love, after all we need no excuse, do we, to enjoy the present moment. It’s the experience we need to savour.

As we move further into the month of May that wands energy will be making you very sure of yourself. I hope you are the embodiediment of the Queen of Wands … Now this particular Queen of Wands is often feared… Her enthusiastic call of “Off with their head” (a statement I usually reserve for the Queen of Swords) can unsettle those around her. Are we unsettling anyone with our decisive action and words? I don’t like to belittle people but this Queen is tired of fools so her quick reaction is simply that her judgement is called for. Her intuition is on point so it’s likely your leadership and decisiveness are required.

The Four of Swords reversed warns of overworking yourself so just increase your awareness to take regular rests and pay attention to your sleep hygiene so you don’t get drained by all that proactive Queen of Wands energy.

You may find that some of last month’s doubts creep in about leaving things behind that no longer serve you. Perhaps you are dwelling on the objections of others and this is making you nervous about staying committed to your new path due to your own fear. Are these the same people that the Queen of Wands isn’t tolerating? But go on you must firmly make your judgement. We can not give in to our own insecurity at the expense of our bigger purpose, and what lies ahead is meant for you.

The High Priestess may have you musing about societies rules and expectations. Perhaps to those onlookers your plan looks ‘a little odd’ ? … Of course it could because the can’t feel those nagging pushes, they are only viewing your choices from their own perspective and some do not have the qualities to lead the way. You on the other hand can hardly ignore the urge to explore a different landscape.

I’m inclined to believe you may well be feeling all the different aspects of you past, present and future blending. Like Alice you can’t quite see it clearly through the mist but you sense and taste it. The veil between worlds is thin and you are connecting to your own spirituality which is influencing your everyday actions. This is a magical vibe which may well produce almost magical outcomes. Don’t think your way through ‘feel’ trust the intuitive impulses.

That intuition is finely tuned, and as mentioned you don’t want to be be using your logic here. Like the magical mist it will disappear the opportunity is on the brink. I really want to impress upon you not to give in to what others think. This card highlights self love and the kind of self love that requires you trusting your higher self. Something wonderful is here, don’t @*#! It up by talking yourself out if it.

The Queen of Cups may well leave you feeling a little introverted, and wondering if you a being overly sensitive. I don’t think you are. I think navigating the month has left you questioning your plans and opinions of others. You are naturally discerning the paths to take You are more perceptive than you realise… Perhaps trust the earlier energy of the month and Batton down the hatches and do what it takes to find your balance to create the stability and security you long for. Time for tea…. One sugar or two?

The card used in this reading are from Tarot in Wonderland and The threads of fate Lumens Edition.

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