THE WEEK AHEAD: 25 APRIL – 1 MAY 2022 – Just a little more waiting don’t let those lessons bog you down. You have the knowledge to unravel the mysteries ahead.

As we close off the end of the month I get a sense of many things coming to a close and the future is nearer than we realised; Metaphorically as well as physically.

I’m using the Vice Versa deck and we see many of the figures with their backs to us (the querant). These, I feel can also represent us being viewed from an onlookers perspective. The central energy is from the Universe had my back and states ” My Vibes speak louder than my words”. So perhaps source is the onlooker and we are being supported… If you are feeling this invisible energy, your sense of self may well be evident without dialogue or perhaps this is a good time to actively use meditation.

Lay your cards on the table and encourage others involved to do the same. I see this card really encouraging us to close off the past but perhaps taking those final steps to resolve blocks. Perhaps the person or corporation involved in any underhand dealings did not realize how much damage they had caused. Either way it’s for us to close of this cycle in a healthy way and step forward for ourselves.

I can see with the High Priestess here, that whatever the situation, as promised at the beginning of the month you have passed through the main challenges. The early part of the week will be a good time to reflect on those lessons learned. If you are still feeling a little fearful or hurt meditate and allow yourself to feel that emotion, and naturally allow this to dissolve. Your initiation has passed. You have the two keys (behind you) … Showing you have completed some worldly experiences and this is now the portal where you have proven to be worthy to enter the temple of mysteries that were previously not accessible to you. Wow!

The Two of Cups midweek can hail a soulmate relationship BUT this is a general reading and next to The High Priestess I feel this is a wonderful time to trust in your heart’s calling. Trust and honesty in all aspects should be near by. In business, you may well find you start implementing things publicaly rather than just the completing the background preparation and planning.

How lovely to have more Empress energy also the progressive energy from The High Priestess. This is the reverse side of this deck (as most of the cards have been in this reading) further adding to the sense of closure and new stage to come. The knowledge brought to you by the high priestess’ silver key should not lessen the present moment. Last week we were nudged to practice our gratitudes and this week is no different, endings and beginnings are part of the same cycle and as such you will find you have much to appreciate. This Empress is still bringing wonderful abundance but causing you to look at the whole picture and plan for the future. You are right to take your happiness seriously and gratitude is the entrance for that happiness to arrive!

And how my heart sank to see this Ten of Swords no one likes to see this card, piercing their hopes. If you are feeling this pain at some point in the week take comfort in the previous paragraphs message The Empress… all loving, all nurturing … practicing her gratitude. This Ten signifies the completion and we have the High Priestess promising us the key of mysteries and knowledge reminding us we have experienced or are experiencing something that we will later see as beneficial and worth going through.

If you have (as I have) passed through many previous cycles of pain it becomes easier to natural trust and have faith that these lessons truly are for our benefit. I often wish I was able to gift people the blessing of that knowledge but it really is one of those things that we have to go through ourselves. Take comfort that others have travelled this path before you and absolutely know you will be ok ❤️

And so we see the Three of Wands he is prepared and waiting to meet another person, an offer, or an adventure. And so are you! If you don’t quite feel prepared get out that checklist and see what else you can do to ensure all is ready because know that whatever you are waiting for is steadily arriving.

Anyone that has a personal reading with me will know how much I love seeing the final card of the week and today is no exception. The Nine of Pentacles in this deck has a sense of solitude and this side reminds you of your choice. Your choice to enter into a relationship, you choice to move into the next cycle, your choice to be prepared. You can withdraw out of fear or you can temporarily withdraw to reconnect to your own sense of self. If those swords are still smarting, take a temporary hiatus while, like the three of swords, you wait with full knowledge that you are prepared for you ships to come in.

In summary this week’s energy is closing off cycles, being prepared and a minor pause with gratitude to enter a new phase. I hope you feel the overall positive aspects of this transition…. Sending love and blessings 💖

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