THE WEEK AHEAD: 11-17 APRIL – Changing with gentle, passive energy – Not weakness or ineffectiveness … But wait you will!

Feels like waiting.,..

This week I’m using the vice versa tarot and lumens edition of Threads of fate Oracle.   This is the only deck I own that I don’t read reversals because of the way it is designed (with each side of the card having another perspective). If they do present in reverse I incorporate that within my interpretation.

The knight of pentacles (inner self) Here we see this weary Knight tired of waiting.  Is he thinking back to times when he yielded a greater harvest? Is it too late to make a change of direction and head out into unknown territory? Is it even the right time?  With the weeks overall energy of Transmute you should find that you are actually able to take this denser more questionable energy and create something that feels lighter and of a higher vibration.

This ten of pentacles asks you to leave the restraints of the tower you previously lived in or be content to be trapped with what you’ve built.  The older man sitting in front of the young couple symbolises the reward that is waiting for you having left thatvtower. The couple needed to approach older man who was waiting for them to claim their generational blessings he was not going to come looking for them. They needed to set themselves free.

So it seems that the early part of the week may be requiring you to use your energy in a constructive manner.  Not all action is worthwhile, don’t make yourself busy for the sake of it but do set your intentions and make arrangements to ‘step outside’ .

Midweek the two of wands reiterates this indicating that checking in on progress is ok, pausing to spend some time thinking or observing  is just as important as the steps taken… Bit right now nothing NEEDS to be done.  You have done all that is necessary have some confidence in your preparations be they mentally or physically.

Temperance is the keeper of  transformational energy.  Don’t be surprised if you feel you have completed some major spiritual work and are now ready to bump back down to ground tentatively waiting to do the physical work.  Perhaps we are suspended or carefully balanced ready to materially manifest those earthly goals…. Ready, steady…..wait!!!

The Knight of Cups is probably making you  feel a bit vulnerable.  His little turtle friend in this deck indicates that desire to ‘duck’ back into the safety of it’s shell.  If you are feeling protective take heart that having a gentler way of being doesn’t mean you are weak, preferring peace for the time being is  perfectly acceptable.

We are seeing the Empress depicted in this Strength card and is beautifully placed to strengthen this week’s message of being gentle but powerful.  If, like the turtle, you have ducked into your shell out of fear of overstepping the mark or submitting to a more aggressive energy then know you can quietly use your strengths to good use. Perhaps humour or lightheadedness will get the message across. Maybe you just need to firmly stand your ground.

And almost like a whole circle we reach the end of the week ….waiting as we began, but perhaps understanding a little bit more about what we’re waiting for!  If you do resume wondering why the slow progress and if you need to be ‘doing’ something more then this card says there is only waiting to do. I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to contemplate a back up plan especially if the optimum time has passed and you need to wait for the next seed planting stage! Just contemplation not necessarily active steps.

To me this feels like a healthy pause.  No need to ‘rush on by’ before the harvest sprouts.

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