THE WEEK AHEAD: 4TH-10TH APRIL 2021 – Some concerns but a week with good potential and transformational elements.

The Week Ahead 4-10 April 2021

The central energy of Get Curious is this week’s theme. Look into your options, see things in different ways, explore, develop your talents, maybe even question how far you’ve really pushed your potential.

With a week ahead Reading it is always a generalised energy. When you want more specifics a personal reading is best. As such I usually try to stay away from directly stating particular aspects such as love or work but look at the first two cards!

The King of Pentacles and the ten of cups is very promising. Something is looking good in your home life and I’d certainly believe it has the basis to be very welcome indeed. The King of Pentacles brings with him the energy, direction and focus to bring about a very happy home life. To some it may appear lucky but this king will have worked for sometime to achieve his goals. I feel this start to the week means many of us will be fully tuned into our ambitions and how they bring about dream home life. All those plans, vision boards and tick lists are starting to show results. If those ideas aren’t yet tangible know they soon will be.

We do have swords energy mid week. Something is unsettling you, keeping you awake and bringing about anxieties. Perhaps you have memories of when things didn’t go so well or concerns that something is blocking the King of Pentacles and Ten of cups from working their magic. Three of swords hints of heartache or disappointment, but you know you need to let that go.

I could read this many ways and there are seven of cups later in the week so the options before you could certainly be causing confusion. All I can say is that the stalemate or paralysis that these mid week anxieties may bring with them should lift when the Hanged man Reversed shakes us out and forces us to look carefully at all those options. Remember, in those cups, all is not as it seems. The glistening jewels may carry added responsibility, temptation or lead us down the wrong path. But honest and careful inspection will show us the choice that fits best for us. Look deeply and from various perspectives.

The end of the week throws up The Magician. If those cups (despite looking into them) have nothing of value to you, then reappraise your options. Overthrow your worries, disguard the fake options, You are the Alchemist and you are able to draw on your skills and talents to create the best outcome for you.

Not a week without concerns but certainly one with elements of transformation but we already know that April is all about that don’t we?!

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