The MONTH AHEAD: APRIL 2021 Emerging, Transforming and Renewing.

Crowning energy of April is Power! Mystic Monday’s Tarot deck and Threads of Fate Lumen Edition

It’s lovely to see such a powerful start to April.  I doubt anyone can fail to see the similarity between The Power and the Ace of Wands.  So April’s energy look really firey and is sure to have Aries’ influence all over it.   Three Major Arcana Temperance, The Lovers and Death.   Hints of those emerging new beginnings all over.

So what does this all mean?  I’m getting a strong sense that the changes we have been feeling and those we are being pulled to make are going to crystalise this month,  with the last of the clear out,  more towards May, but, as you know, we all respond to these energies differently and how this plays out is down to your own willingness to go with that flow.

Ten of Swords Reversed. I wonder if you are considering if you’ve been hasty with your enthusiasm.  Have you made changes too quickly? Are you really ready to follow through with the things you were hoping to do?  I think this is just ‘stage fright’.  The discomfort of entering new waters is just causing you to reach out for solid ground.  Look, this is a ‘ten’ your desire for change has not been unfounded. You’ve completed the cycle.  It’s time to start anew!

“How do you know Rachelle? How can you be sure? I have failed, I’m afraid”   … Well of course you are! But that’s no need to stop now.  The King of Cups is right beside you he adores you!  This king absolutely encourages you.  He highlights your vision and will emotionally support you through. It’s no wonder you have a touch of stage fright, he’s shining that spotlight right on you.  Be ready to receive this energy it’s yours!

As in this week’s Reading, we are also seeing some major arcana energies.  They are not only significant for this week and this month but are far reaching.  I feel like I’m repeating messages constantly lately  but this is groundwork, it’s something that will be with you for quite some time. Perhaps even writing itself into the very fabric of you.  It doesn’t matter if it’s financial, romantic, career driven or creative, whatever you are doing is going to fundamentally change your way of being and for the better.

Temperance is balancing out those anxieties and you are starting to feel the synergy of all you are creating for yourself.  As the month progresses that sense of self satisfaction is going to creep in. That said, at this point you may realise that you are lacking a few skills, don’t let this throw you back into a state of insecurity.  Go out there and find someone who can assist, perhaps even mentor or coach you.  You don’t need to chuck it all in when you’ve persisted so far.  Take this realisation that you need to learn something new as a positive and reach out. 

The Lovers makes me feel this person or help is close at hand.  Perhaps someone will recommend someone and it will be obvious from the outset that their skill set compliments you own.  This certainly is a time of feeling complete.  If you aren’t in need of a mentor or romantic love, this beautiful card shows you are truly aligning with yourself.  Your outer and inner worlds are merging.  If doubts creep in just stay true to your desires.

With all this firey passionate energy it may be that you are so consumed with your new project, love, creation (whatever) that you’ve barely looked up.  I’m surprised you’ve had time to sit down and read this reading!   The Queen of Pentacles Reversed is not known for her workaholic tendancies for nothing. Luckily that Libran energy of Temperance is going to help you find some balance. So when you get one of those natural ‘pauses’ take advantage of it.  Spend some time with people you love or doing something that restores you.  That will restoke the fires and ensure you don’t burn out!

The final part of the month brings us two Pages, the Page of Swords and the Page of Wands.  Of course pages so often represent children so we may find mid to end of the month part of our regeneration involves spending time with our families or younger people.  However, we choose to allocate our time, I’m sure you will be feeling a lot more playful and vibrant.

You are going to be excited about your ideas and want to share them.  Those plans are zooming into action.  If you had new skills to learn this is likely the time you start that course, or read up on that skill.  I feel you will be caught up in a snowball of enthusiasm, soo keen to try your new ideas or knowledge out.

These two Pages are intertwined and you will not be able to help learn more about yourself through your new ideas and thoughts.  The catalyst of change has begun.   Remember, that spotlight the King of Cups was shining?  It’s here again.  Step up ‘YOU’ your time has come, all those facets that make you up are becoming visible. Be inspired be inspiring!

And what a beautiful ending to this month’s reading Death or perhaps we should we say REBIRTH

What we have been working towards most of this year is here (or very nearly).

The changes we have been making to our homes, work, relationships have shed their skin.  You are emerging, transforming and renewing.  Clear that clutter of the past! It’s a whole new World!

New beginnings.  Happy April!

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