Full moon in Libra 28 March 2021

Cards from The Universe has your back, Threads of Fate Lumen Oracle and The Art of Manifestation (I choose love series)

The third full moon of the year and you may recall at the beginning of the month I was excited about all the forthcoming ‘threes’ in the month of March. So I decided to pull three cards from three decks for a quick energy read of this almost Super Moon!

I love using imagery within the cards to intuitively connect with the deck creators meanings. When cards from different decks intertwine and strengthen the overall message I am always delighted and it never fails to amaze me how this happens.

This full moon is no exception. All three cards reference moons or in the case of the third is relating to the process of release that is common during a full moon. If you check back through some of this month’s previous readings then there is a strong energetic thread linking the readings that are also relevant to this one.

The Weaver reminds us that no matter what past or future we have. No matter what we have released and move towards, there are threads of our history that weave the fabric of our lives.

Focus on your own inner light. Drawing on your own experiences of love. The way you feel when you love and the way you feel receiving love. This doesn’t have to be in a romantic context but in anyway that we find simple joy during our daily lives.

As the weaver does, we can choose which strand to pick up and we can choose what we wish to create with each strand. How we combine them determines the shape we build.

This full moon, looks at your threads and how you are using them. Which ones do you want to keep? Which ones will strengthen your life and enable your growth? Are there any that need to be cut?

The final card showing the seeding dandelion. It echoes the message and calls to you to release blocks of underlying beliefs that are preventing you from receiving what you truly deserve.

We are often raised to think of others first and to many of us it’s ingrained that anything other is selfishness. Doing your shadow work during this new moon phase will help bring you balance. Discarding the threads that don’t add to our creation positively, or strengthen the structure enables us to build a recepticle fit for purpose!… Then we will be more ready to receive a life of abundance…. And then, we are better placed to share that with others! Isn’t that how it works….? Not selfish at all just prepared!

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