The outlaw as the central energy. Humans are hard wired to be part of the pack. To conform. When we step outside of that, we fear for our survival.

This week the overall question is in what way can we grown beyond the boxes society has made for us?

In what ways can we grow beyond the boxes society has made for us?

The Page of Pentacles opens up the week (well being the curious fella he is, he would wouldn’t he?) He is one of the more stable messengers. You may well be valuing the traditional aspects of your upbringing but still feel like you should be somewhere else. Or perhaps something you’ve been working on judiciously, is about to come to fruition. Stability is at the root of the beginning of this week. Because this is next to Judgement and the central energy of breaking traditions and following your own path, I wonder if it has some other context to it?

Things may be starting to take a life of their own. Perhaps your plans are materialising more rapidly but also more wholey than you imagined. Just as it does you will realise that it is aligning with your heart’s desire. You are about to embark on a whole new way of being. More real, more tangible, more connected with you. If you have closed your heart then this resistance will be overcome. Renewed Passion, new career, new way of living. It matters not. Just know it’s what you want and you are following your own compass! I’ve no doubt that those traditions or morals that the Page of Pentacles brings will keep you acting in good faith … I for one am happy to see so much less of the inner conflict of last week pass. Just the two reversals and these are positive in this Reading.

Midweek energy is reinforced with The Magician. Powerfully imbued with all the skills and resources that are within him. Look at you! Your ideas are on fire! You are creating! I’m so proud of you!

If this seems like an over reaction, have a word with yourself. Don’t be so modest. You have put in the work. You are bursting out of your cocoon and the newness will soon be there for all to see. But you know what? Who cares? This isn’t for anyone else. It’s just for you.!

The Ace of Wands Reversed for me is all that internalise energy, passion and desire. If you haven’t already put into action your goals you are about to. Business plans, goal setting, inspiration, finding your love… I am literally buzzing for you! What you are about to do will light your world up … and if that’s the case, guess what? You will also carry that light with you and it will shine on others. The worry, stress and anxiety of the Nine of Swords will melt away. Sleep peacefully my love, you deserve this. This is your reward for staying true to what you want! What you know is right for you.

I’m so happy, and so should you be Look, LOOK!!! Not one but TWO Aces close out the week. Swords of course and Pentacles. (What? Three Aces in the weeks energy?!)

You don’t need me to interpret this but I’m here and that’s what I do, so I may as well go ahead.

A blinding success. You have been decisive. You have a plan. You are following your truth and because of this commitment to you, what you are creating will ensure abundance in your life be that money, resources, health or luck. If not the whole lot!!!!

If you can’t see this or it seems small, trust that this is just the beginning of something wonderful.

Well on that note, kick back and relax. Have a fabulous week ❤️

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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