The Week Ahead: 14-20th March 2021 – What can you purposefully release?

RELEASE: It looks like it’s possible you will be reflecting a lot this week on what no longer serves you.  As you may know, I read reversals as an internalised energy (on the whole) and you can see here that the first four days of the week we have four reversals.  I get the feeling this is going to be about out relationships with others and ourselves due to the large percentage of court cards also in this Reading.  Before we look at that let’s consider the central energy of ‘release’.   This connects with last  week, sometimes we have a plan about where we’re heading.  It’s easier for us to compartmentalise or repress our blocks, but it’s important to explore these and consider new ways of behaving to ensure we release old patterns and prevent us from being ‘stuck’

What can you purposefully release?

The only major Arcana this week Reading is the Hermit Reversed.  This week it’s time to make your own decisions based on what you think.  Even though there are times when you may usually ‘consult’ or ‘please’ others now is not one of those.  The Hermit in this deck is kind and but not bothered about the opinions of others he is consistently clear about the path he walks.

King of Swords Reversed enables you to ask yourself the right questions that bring about clarity of mind.  Your experiences will help you gain the confirmation you’re looking for.  You don’t need external validation.  If you are even doubting for one moment about making your own decisions, take a look at this excert from this decks Queen of Pentacles where ‘the sheep takes Alice’s money and tells her to get the egg herself:

I never put things into people’s hands – that would never do – you must get it for yourself

Alice doesn’t understand why it would never do but the sheep knows that it is better for people to reach for their own desires.

Mid week the energy of the 5 of Swords Reversed could mean you are hearing the opinions of others that may wish to sway you or at very least cast doubt upon your plans. But I feel that the reversal of this card encourages you to stay committed to your chosen path. Perhaps, you have previously taken others advice to discover the outcome wasn’t really what you wanted, and look!…..

The Eight of cups around Friday time means be sure you are taking into the future only what you want. You may have started off intending to take an idea or something/one with you, only to realise now, that infact, it has no purpose to your plans anymore. If circumstances have changed and you have been left with things or relationships that no longer suit you. It’s ok to leave them behind. Of course some people will question you, perhaps they’ll even question your commitment and call you out for giving up? If you hear the ‘Go,Go,Go’ in your heart follow it. Sometimes we feel resistance because it’s unfamiliar. Keep searching if that’s your calling.

So now we approach the weekend and the Six of Pentacles appears. I feel this indicates that all the inward reflection this week enables you to assess how to move forward. Of you require resources they will be available. Not necessarily without doing something in return (although, you may already have completed the necessary tasks to benefit). Your judgement is sound and if you are not the one needing extra resources then perhaps you are in a position to help others be it via acts of service, donation, or sharing of experience. Could even be in terms of giving closure to another.

The Queen of Swords closes this week, of course she does! Who else would have been able to do this so well? It may well be, that some will question if you’ve thought things through. Little do they know (unless they’ve seen this Reading) that all week, if not longer, you’ve been drawing on your experience and all that time spent hypothesising and reflecting has set you in good stead to take action. You have not just happened upon your plan, it is well-thought out. And if anyone tries to convince you otherwise, or plea not to be left behind ‘off with his head’ you’ve no time for sob stories or deception. You’re not having any of it. Time to move on!

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