THE WEEK AHEAD: 28 FEBRUARY – 6 MARCH: A sparkle in your eyes. Renewed Passion that’s Divinely assisted!

The Faeries Oracle and Sensual Wicca Tarot
Week ahead 28 FEBRUARY – 6 MARCH 2021

At the centre of this week’s spread is The Guardian of the Gate from the Faeries Oracle. Being appreciative of art, these are among my favoured decks but I don’t seem to use them often. For whatever reason, I was drawn to use this pack and was struck by the reoccurring theme. The creator of this deck (Brian Froud) tells us that this Guardian is the facilitator, enabling us to move from one realm to another at times and at others, blocking the passage for things that are not yet ready to pass through. I feel this ties in with the reoccurring appearance of The Universe card in the readings so far this year. Of course we are still experiencing the energy of today’s full moon phase. The deck’s guide quotes ‘We can not make the mystical experience happen to us, we can only open our hearts wider and wider until we are ready usually only momentarily, to receive it’
Whenever we help or are helped through the passage of something difficult we are experiencing the energy of this Guardian. We may find this week our acts of service mean more than we imagine but be sure you will feel alive and inspired.

Strength Reversed (Lust/Passion) Unbridled passion is likely to be the driving force of this week. Sure this could of course be in a physical sense with The Lovers in such close proximity. Perhaps you desire to renew passion and fantasy into your daily life as part of a re-energising yourself. It appears you are making the right choices to follow your passions in whatever direction you are inspired to. The Two of wands indicates that you are seeking new beginning and a solid foundation that no doubt is rooted in the actual presence of passion in you life or looking at ways to bring it in. This feels like the right choices are being made and with the Guardians energy it is likely you will be gaining universal assistance or you yourself will be holding the ‘gate’ open for another. Perhaps you are energetically bouncing ideas off each other to co-create.

By Friday you may be feeling this transformational shift and be ready to break with the past. You will feel ready for the renewal. If you are struggling and feeling martyr-ish (hanged man reversed) about dropping the past ties or holding on to negative self belief, try viewing things from an alternative perspective. Remind yourself, the desire for a passionate, fulfilled future is waiting for you. The seven of cups urges you to let your imagination roam free. Experiment. Try something new. Follow the unknown. And if that’s not a perfect recipe for keeping life bright, I don’t know what is!

Hello new Season!

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