Full moon (Snow moon 27 Feb 2021) An opportunity for reflection, intention setting and a little sexual magic!

Snow moon reading February 27th Full moon magic

A few days ago I received a phone call from one of my daughters. Was I alright? She had chest pains and thought something was wrong with me. Well, as it happened I wasn’t feeling particularly well, and I had some aches as she described. “I thought that may be the case!” she declared, and (since she’s most likely got some of my odd characteristics) continued with ” I thought I better send a care package”

Now, a mainstream mother may expect a few vitamins, some soap perhaps a bar of chocolate of flowers, what have you.

A day or so later, the same daughter was on video chat when the postman knocked. “Ah! I think your parcel is here”

So we had great delight in opening it via technology. She must have thought I was on deaths door as she’d gone a little mad, There were an array of essential oils, a little candle holder, essential white sage (extra appreciated as I was running low), some cute candles for spell work as well as a variety of stones, incense and crystals for abundance. Had I actually been dying, no doubt this would have whisked me away from the grim reaper’s grasp. Fortunately, things were not quite so grave and I had some time to appreciate them and revel in that moment of love!

“How fortuitous” I mused “just in time for the forthcoming full moon, I will incorporate these into my full moon reading at the weekend.”

And that is precisely what I did.

I love that our ancestors called this moon the Snow moon to track the seasons and this is my favoured name. It brings to my mind the anticipation of the spring and all the renewal that comes with it.

If you are keen on a little Moon Manifestation a full moon is highly energised and ideal for intention setting. I decided to incorporate my some new gifts for generalised abundance and blessings.

Recharge your decks and crystals in the highly energised moon as well as using this potent time to recharge yourself.

You can see previous blogs to find out exactly how.

For this snow moon reading, I used the Lumens Tarot because I love it and just 3 cards, as over the next ‘3’ days we will see ‘3’ readings and wait for it … They will proceed month ‘3’ of the year … Yep made myself dizzy thinking about that .. Anyway, I digress as usual.

Shadow – The Universe – Sacred Sexuality

This lovely trio of cards all with their moons or full moon shaped spheres at the centre of the illustration, it couldn’t be more appropriate for this type of reading. They clearly highlight the moon phase and I would use them for guided meditation to enhance any intention setting (if I was without specific intention).

I will read them in the order of the spread and in context with the current moon phase.

Shadow: By it’s very nature the full moon illuminates things that could be hidden during other cycles. On a clear night, light is cast, putting a spotlight on certain things and giving us a whole new perspective. Of course where there is light, there is also shadow. Our intention setting can be used to identify what shadow work is needed for the next phase of our development or healing. It may be that our perceived faults are highlighted, but are they really faults, or are they infact gifts? This card depicts a bat, supposedly blind but by producing high frequency sounds and listening to the echo they gain an incredibly accurate idea of their environment. In our own way, when we complete our shadow work, like the bat we must trust our natural guidance, in respect of things we can not see in their entirety.

The Universe: We’ve seen this card appear several times already this year. This is a repeated message to trust what the Universe has in store for you. In relation to full moon intention setting trust once you have completed your spell work, that this will come true. Your belief and trust are crucial and the release once completed is all part of the the process. In addition, if this is not a contradiction, we may want to remember that our empowerment is a required ingredient in order for the Universe to support us

I find this card usually appears when a cycle has completed. In a simplistic way we have in fact completed a lunar cycle as we are at the close of the month. This may well signal the end of a cycle for you personally and our need for acceptance as we transfer into the next, yet again perfect for intention setting. Ask yourself, what cycles do you want to close off?

Sacred sexuality: Although, not the intended meaning of this card, it’s appearance in this full moon phase to me would be auspicious for pregnancy, combined with the forthcoming spring season, and feminine cycles this was highlighted to me as a potential. Perhaps we’ll have a burst of December babies! Be warned if you don’t desire to start or add to your family 🤔

It is also interesting to note that full moon is  interconnected with sexual magic so is an excellent time to manifest your ideal lover or partner, if this is something you wish for. If not perhaps this is a time to appreciate yourself and benefit from indulging in the extra virile lunar energies!

Ask; Am I seeking validation within relationships instead of sourcing from within?

We can use the full moon to assist if we need healing and combined with the shadow card you can incorporate dream work as part of that process. Through our sexual energy, we are empowered and learn boundaries. Our sacred sexuality is unique and has no need to conform, it combines both masculine and feminine energies. When we are disconnected from either of these aspects of ourselves we restrict our ability to become fully intimate with our true selves and as such blocked from true intimacy with others. The rose on this card is an indication of our need for protection or boundaries.

Hope you make the most of this powerful moon and have a fabulous weekend!

If you want to keep track of the moon phases this link is useful http://timeanddate.com/

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