THE WEEK AHEAD: 21st -28th February 2021 – What if this is all part of the plan …..? Wish fulfilment!

The Universe is the overall energy of the week and I feel we may be at the centre of something which has us feeling a little out of sorts but it looks as though things may just turn out for the best! When this card appear we are being asked to pose the question ‘What if this is for my highest good?’. Whenever, I hear that you can almost be sure that something difficult is happening but a surprising outcome is on the verge of becoming known.

With the Two of Swords starting the week, we may be required to use your inner focus to remove the distractions that we or others bring to us/ourselves. The coloured swords show that at this time we require self-defence both in the 3d and also mentally. We can see quite clearly that we may experience some dishonesty, perhaps we are the ones delivering that deception to someone else (if so, be warned deceptions will be exposed). The page of cups brings forth an apology, he is well intentioned so perhaps the deception was not intended to hurt anyone. If you are the one who has unintentionally delivered the Seven of Swords show your remorse gently. Any apology, received will be genuine.

Perhaps, this apology is cathartic? For midweek, the Nine of Cups appears and supports you with a Universal blessing. Ask ‘What if everything works out just as I only dare to hope it will? ‘ You may not see clearly, especially with the two of swords entering so early in the week, but be sure the presence of the much awaited 9 of cups is working behind the scenes to deliver whatever your heart most desires.

Get your hopes and goals clear. Don’t limit yourself and don’t be afraid to wish for the stars!

Friday’s energy is that of The Star bringing her beautiful gift of healing and confirming that breakthrough is on its way. Everything is falling into place. Harmony is being restored. All that is left for you to do is open your heart and gratefully receive those blessings. Look to your higher self’s calling and expect something miraculous.

This reading has a sense of a fairly quick or unexpected outcome. So if you have had some disharmony I would expect you to gain resolution around the close of the week (if not in practice then with personal peace).

You can rest at the end of the week and Trust the energy of the Universe is working on your behalf. You have laid the foundations and like the two of wands have put in the work necessary. You have not wasted your time observing and thinking. Those things have been just as important as the practical steps taken. There is nothing left for you to do, be confident of your success.

And what did I say? Success is assured! The victory card; The Six of Wands crowns the reading. Just remember to acknowledge the part others have played in this victory, everyone likes to feel valued for their contributions.

Share your thanks to those who have been part of your success or brought much needed apologies. You don’t want to be responsible for breeding resentment very few win battles alone. Not for long at least!

The decks used this week are The Threads of Fate Lumen Oracle deck and The Vice versa Tarot.

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