THE WEEK AHEAD: 14th February – 20th February 2021 – What is your past teaching you?

With the majority of the cards in this draw reversed, I can’t help believe that the final week of Mercury retrograde of the first in the year is going to influence us this week. How are we going to make the most of this energy…. Let’s see!

The Pillar is the centrepiece and I’m immediately drawn to the reflection of the Hierophant or as depicted in this Seventh sphere deck high priest. You may well be stepping up or feeling the need to be all things to all people. You could be inspired to share knowledge, love stability with those around you.

Glancing at the reading as a whole I feel we could be using the skills learned during those times if chaos, destruction, injustice etc to solidify your life roles. There could be a sense of co-dependence and it may be you or others need to apply self regulation or boundaries. Ask yourself if you are feeling the need to fulfil a caretaking role are you forsaking part of you? Are you acting through some form of repentance? If you can temper a need to over-give for your own salvation then know that you have much to share, that is of assistance to others. But I feel this could most likely be that through this you also gain knowledge to expand on your own learning and this will be a significant week of evolution for you.

Usually, I look to the seven cards of the week individually and cross reference the interconnected meanings. This week, however, it feels as though this collective is louder, more purposeful we have 5 (again) major arcana and all but the High priest are reversed.

Past memories may be emerging and you may be feeling the effects of big events that changed your planned course. You could be reflecting on injustices that have happened to you or even those that have been carried out at your own hands. Don’t be surprised, if these internalised thoughts are stiring to bring you a whole new sense of perspective. In this beautiful deck the World Reversed reminds me of rebirth which, as you know, is not it’s traditional meaning. You may find you are seeking closure and relief from the discomfort of the feelings arisen through your reflection. Find this closure within. We can’t always receive validation externally.

The King of Cups lights the way with the assurance that you are able to control these emotions and still have something valuable to offer. He sits among turbulent waves and finds stability within his inner peace. Reconnect with the truths of The Tree of life. Looking at the bigger picture will help reframe situations that have moulded us and through that meditation we will start to uncover our own personal truths.

Wow! Wasn’t expecting that philisophical message so early in the day! Must be time for coffee.

Have a good week and don’t be too harsh on yourself x

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