THE WEEK AHEAD: 7TH February-13th February… A week of big energies, Trust, love and Reclaim!

The Seeker as the general energy

The Seeker is at the centre of this week’s energy. And surprise it sits next to Mondays The Fool card! If that’s not an absolute confirmation of the universal trust and faith that this week promises I don’t know what is.

These two cards alone and alongside each other, urge us to reconnect with child-like joy. To have faith in all that the universe is providing. They are the promise that things are just as the should be. Spring is almost here and we should all be feeling a little more hope towards the days ahead. Small clues are showing, and I’m not sure about you but I’m definitely feeling the change.

The Fool steps out with optimism on his quest. He trusts he has loyalty and luck with him. You may notice those small signs nudging you just like those early signs of spring. These nudges are likely to offer you the gift of additional self confidence in what is being offered. The Queen of Wands is channelling powerful energies. Your genuine warmth and energy will draw people closer to you. Even if we are forced to keep our distance at this time you will feel the spiritual connections of loved ones.

Midweek two knights charge into action. It appears as though there are conflicting energies perhaps you or someone else is trying to rush in without thought (The Knight of Swords)..? Obviously The Fool earlier in the week would make this highly likely and you are being your queen-of-wands-charismatic-self so who could blame them!. It is however, balanced out by the second knight, The Knight of Cups. The enthusiasm is well meaning and full of genuine heartfelt love. They will expect equal reciprocity. If this is not a romantic gesture then friendship or self love is abundant. Whether you go along with the excitement or try to temper the pace is up to how much faith you have.

Later in the week if you need help or someone else does The King of Swords advises to use tact. You or they are proud and don’t like to be the beneficiary. In matters of the heart be open to receiving love you are most likely independent and not sure about relinquishing that.

As in the beginning of the week, big Major Arcana energies are here. The Chariot and The Emperor rule the weekend. Step into your personal power you are about to make real progress in life’s journey. It’s exciting and has the potential for great success. If this is a relationship forging together, it will have the potential to be a long-standing one. In respect of projects or finances what you are driving on with is for both the immediate and long term future.

The Emperor asks the question what legacy would you like to leave?

What a fantastic week! Reclaim all that you were meant to have….

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Rachelle Harris-Milham is a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Niece, cousin and friend. She is an artist and writer that loves to read Tarot.

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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