The month ahead: February 2021

Further work on the structure of your ideas

The general energy of February is of The Explorer. Luckily, this does not just mean in terms of travelling the Globe (although that would be nice!). It can also be about the discovery of aspects of ourselves or even shaking up our usual routine.

You may be feeling the need to take some time alone generally, but especially if you are still suffering the after effects of a dramatic event such as relationship breakdown or financial disaster. I was drawn to the image of the mother and child in the stained glass in the Four of Swords and feel this is particularly indicative of that need for nurture. If this nurturing isn’t coming from an external source then ensure you provide this for yourself. There is a possibility that you will be supported in creative endeavours or potentially within relationships when the Knight of Cups appears. Whatever the situation, The Empress reversed indicates that this support is much desired. Maybe you’ll throw yourself into creativity or a project started last month. You will need to stay in tune with the feminine aspects of yourself to get the best out of this month’s energy.

The Page of Wands reversed further leads me to believe that creative expression is building but you may be less than confident about sharing it publicly and I can see the Two of swords reversed is adding to any indecisiveness about your choices. Whether this is concerning a relationship choice or a broader situation your thoughts will be on creating structure and stability to lay foundations.

The Hierophant gives me the sense that whether a relationship, business or creative ‘thing’ is blossoming you will be developing personally. There is more evidence that an actual mentor or someone that is naturally supportive of you, will be by your side. Long term support or guidance/training that will be beneficial in a significant way is likely.

Ace of Swords reversed tells me despite the support or training received or embarking on you are keeping things close to your chest. You are clear but still reluctant to share this. Perhaps, you are less than confident about your ability. Perhaps you simply feel precious over the new opportunity.

The close of the month is excellent. You’re foundations are dug and are comforted by the sense of stability this gives you. You are finally, gaining ground!

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