THE WEEK AHEAD: 24th -30th January 2021 – Remember what you are doing is meaningful!

During this week of methodical work towards your goals,
Remember your purpose!

At first glance this looks like a week of work but in what respect? The Alchemist is the overall weeks energy which may have you lacking in self belief. You may be worrying that the projects you felt so motivated to do last week are doomed to failure. Perhaps you are reconsidering taking action on those projects or ideas. If you are feeling as though you have no control over life’s events (and which of us doesn’t in this wierd time) or stuck in your situation, not moving forward, this card reminds you that your thoughts are incredibly powerful. Work at addressing patterns to bring more empowerment to your life.

The Three of Wands traditionally is a card of waiting for your ships to come in. For this to happen you must have made the steps that lead the way. Get out of your comfort zone. The early part of the week is an excellent time to re-look at those opportunities that last week you were so motivated by. The Fool’s energy is a confirmation that those opportunities are out there go find them. While doing so reconnect with things that bring you joy and trust that the universe will provide. Open your arms to receive. This is especially important if you have been all work and planning. Where you are heading is so much better than your past.

Mid week you again may feel like you are more aware of what resources you need. Perhaps you got round to creating your budget or found a new qualification or skill that will help your endeavours. Four of Pentacles encourages use of these resources, they are there to help your progress. You are more comfortable committing to your plans and putting in the work than earlier in the week. It seems all the doubt really is this week’s current energy. It probably feels like a lot of work or extra responsibility but you are determined to get stuck in with the details and apply yourself like the eight of Pentacles. There should be a meaningful purpose behind you actions without this life is going to feel like a chore. I’d hazzard a bet though that internally you know this is what’s needed. Take pride in what you are doing this week and later, you will see the rewards.

The weekend arrives! You can relax in the knowledge that your work ethic or tenacity has seen you through. It may not have been exciting but you can did it and there’s some satisfaction to be gained from that!

Finally, Temperance brings a sense of peace and balance. It’s Sunday, get outside connect with nature. Do something that restores Harmony to your soul. You know you deserve it!


Rachelle Harris-Milham is a Mother,Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Niece and Cousin. She’s an artist and writer that loves to read Tarot.

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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