One way to use three Tarot cards to see what your financial focus should be…

The end of the month is looming and I’m sure many of us are looking at our finances.  While we can’t wave that proverbial magic wand we can check in with our mindset to see if we are still on track to achieve our financial goals and what our focus should be.

You can use tarot to focus you mind in various ways.

Here’s one spread using three cards to show you current situation, where your focus should be and what that could lead to.  You can’t palm off the responsibility onto the cards… You need to reflect and act

You ask: What do I need to focus on financially?

For this theoretical Reading I drew ace of pentacles reversed for the situation.  Two of cups reversed for where to focus energy and ten of pentacles reversed for end result/outcome.

Using three cards to find out where your financial focus should be

Well I’m glad this is an example and not for someone else or for me!! …. Pour the Gin for my interpretation!

Situation: Ace of Pentacles Reversed
Well no wonder you’re consulting the tarot. It seems as though you’re experiencing a set back. Perhaps you’ve missed an opportunity or made poor choices financially. All is not lost though we have to start somewhere. This looks like you may have some tough choices ahead. Just know that when this Ace is reversed it may be a sign that you are reluctant to make changes or take action in relation to your finances. Let’s take a look at what we can do.

Focus: Two of Cups Reversed
You need to balance the books. This is the time to pay attention. Perhaps your focus has been off your financial health. Maybe you’ve been keeping up appearances. Trying to impress someone. Spending more than you have to feel better about yourself. Make a plan and set better habits. You can turn things around.

End Result: Ten of Pentacles Reversed It is important that you reflect on your relationship with money. Is the way you want to be viewed affecting what you spend? You need to make a budget and stay within it. Failure to do so will result in longer term restrictions or a severe financial crisis. This is a less than appealing outcome but it’s what’s necessary to get you back on track. Keep the advice of card two to avert or minimise disaster.

Didn’t like that?! You can’t just re-shuffle until you get a more palatable version… Looks like spirit gave you a kick!

Rachelle Harris-Milham is a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. She’s an artist that writes and loves to read Tarot you can follow her @t4tarot #T4_Tarot

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I am a Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Sister, Niece and cousin. I'm an Artist and Tarot reader that writes about Tarot and Oracle. The art and photography featured is usually a creation of mine.

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