THE WEEK AHEAD: 17-23 January 2021 An abundance of creativity and inspiration!

The week ahead! Wow! The Magi and The magician. Clearly we are still in the new moons energy. This reading is all about your new ideas, creativity and being inspired to put them into action!

The Magi from Threads of fate Lumen edition Oracle

The overall weeks energy is The Magi, the power to see the bigger picture. This may irritate some people who are unable to see the different routes available to them. Becareful not to be too egotistcal or belittle those who don’t have this vision. If it’s you that feels belittled consider that someone may be just a bit over bearing with well meaning advice.

During the first half of the week The Magician appears doubling up on energy of The Magi. If you are starting a new creative endeavour you will be having an abundance of ideas. The Ace of swords is a signal that this is a brand new thought process. An ‘Aha’ moment may occur or you may find you are just becoming clearer or your creativity is gelling in a way that it hasn’t really done before. You will be thinking about if and how you can put these thoughts into action.

Mid week you may feel excited about your ideas or the project you are planning. It could be that the page of cups brings a surprise or an offer in relation to this. This will assist your creativity. Queen of Cups energy is flowing and intuition is on point.

Towards the end of the week The Knight of Wands ensures you are fully motivated to start putting these thoughts into practice and launch an action plan. Your confidence and ambition is going to make this happen!

Over the weekend the four of wands indicates you may be concerned about any resources that could be required, you will certainly be urged to be use your funds wisely but this does not mean holding onto to your money unnecessarily.  If you need to release some funds look at where and how it’s best used. 

The seven if wands ends the week in a recap and considering the options before you .  There seem to be many use this time to evaluate properly to see what’s involved with each choice.

Sounds like a proactive and inspired week. Love this reading. Let me know how the week works out for you!

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