The Week Ahead: 16-22nd January 2022 – Unfurling!

What’s going on this week? Brian Frouds,’s Faerie Oracle is Sylvanius (The Mask of deception) far from us removing the mask to reveal something less than wonderful, the mask may be hiding your true talents and qualities. Why would we cover up the good parts of ourselves? I fear the answer to that question is larger than the time I have for this post. Vulnerability may well be at the heart of that though this week. The truths revealed today, hidden under the mask, are those that are essential to the creation and maintenance of relationships based on mutual trust, respect and affection. The crux of this week’s reading is that in order to progress something worthwhile, you must be willing to face your fears head on and trust that the person in front of you will return your offering.

9 of Swords this week has you worrying, perhaps needlessly. You may be all in your head about what the future holds for you. In amongst those worries is a ray of light next to the 9 of swords is The Hermit (also a nine) so you are closer than you know to overcoming this mental stress. Ask your inner mentor or guides to show you the brightest light and open your heart to the possibility of your present and future.

Ace of Swords reversed has you over analysing a situation but huge clarity is on the brink and while your decision is still not lit to you, there is certainly a need to be in your integrity and speak your truth if not out loud then certainly to yourself.

The Lovers reversed confirms a decision is not yet made. You are afraid of losing yourself in a relationship or situation. Open your heart and trust yourself not to give too much where unwarranted. Balance the openess with judgement and you will feel whether you are getting equal reciprocity. Just don’t allow those fearful thoughts to falsely predict the outcome.

With three major arcana this week the process you are going through is determining your foundation. You know what you want. Take off the mask of protection and acknowledge what it is you desire. Is it reflected back to you? Are you staying in your comfort zone rather than stretching yourself towards your better self, towards the fulfilment you really seek? The Two of Swords has you planning that future and activating your true potential. And yes, it can be scary. The Two of pentacles will have you feeling discomfort as you move away from the gilded cage you have built. There really is something better for you. Pushing those boundaries on your comfort zone has you ready for the new adventure. You’re not quite there you need to activate your inner Emperor, release your desire for complete control. Lower your defenses. Be confident in your own evolution, be compassionate and generous and harmony and balance will be with you. Be kind to yourself this week wee one you are unfurling, unmasking.

The Week Ahead: 9-16 January 2022. Hearts were made for happiness.

Hilarion is the light worker for divine healing. It is said that he went on a retreat and while away his parents both died. He left his inheritance to his brothers and the retreat and spent his following days committed to the healing of others.

This week find your own retreat in order to restore yourself. Whenever, I see this card because of the similarity of Hilarion and the word hilarious, I often think of the connection of laughter and the power of healing. This spread has two ‘2’s’ signifying choices we make and potential links to soul tied friendships/relationships. The Tower reversed starts the reading. Something significant had passed. Fireworks were felt, chaos may have unraveled in the past, the table cloth was pulled from under the tea set! But “Tadah!” We made it! All that commotion has left us with a fresh table ready for a new better tea party! We are now ready to start a new chapter with Temperance. Everything is alchemically blending to create that magical mushroom of possibility all we need to do is choose which part to bite.

King of Wands reversed possibly has you a little reluctant to make that decision. What if I make the wrong choice? What if I disrupt my equilibrium? What if? What if? What if? What if I were to make no decision and all the possibility of the future hangs in limbo. Of course, no decision is still a decision but without the passion and fire of this King upright. Anyway, I don’t think it much mattered both bites led to adventure.

In the end a great friendship or relationship is beside you or within your grasp. In this Two of Cups the Hatter and the Hare have been quibbling but their relationship is made to stand the test of time. It’s a divine union, formed and progressed in divine timing. No one knows how they met, but the magic was there from the beginning. As always the two of cups denoted the powerful potential of such a union but the players need to willingly participate. This card is that time you meet and ‘click’ with someone…. If it’s not another person this week you’ll be engaged with something that interests you, whatever the case, it’s worth another look. But I do declare this is more potent than that!

With the Hierophant reversed you could be stepping outside of your usual routine and thought processes. Perhaps you are stepping outside of a structure or taking a break, thinking outside of the box, maybe with a touch of rebellion? Feels good doesn’t it to shake up the dust and find your own way? To identify what really matters to your core. In reference to the two of cups earlier, perhaps something about your friendship is outside of the ‘norm’ (you know that here we don’t do ‘norms’ well anyway. But there may be a perceived difference an age gap, a cultural difference, same sex, racial difference… Anything that some like to hold up to the magnifying glass, but those peering through the magnifying glass aren’t the same people that saw the bonds built on that first meeting and they certainly weren’t the ones who felt them. Structures and systems were made for other people’s benefit. You have another choice to make this week.; To listen to where you find your own peace or listen to where others think you’ll find it.

Two of wands has you ready to take action. To choose which chess piece to move. I sense you’re ready. You can of course, flail around mentally paralysed about making the wrong move …. Or …. You can jump in. Win or loose at least you will have had the joy of participation. In reality there is no right or wrong choices. But, just like Alice here, you are poised perfectly between the two wands in perfect balance of innocence and desire as indicated by the white Lillies and red roses. After that intial pause, intuition will kick in and you will instinctively know what’s right for you.

And what is right for you? The Three of Swords reversed reveals once you’ve swept away the debris of others opinions and that shattered pieces of that glass heart, you find that your heart had in fact healed, quietly by itself, you just didn’t dare believe it. Painful truths have been learned and guess what?! You are ready to reclaim that succulent bit of sweetness into your life. You’re a human! Your spirit will thank you for this leap of faith. You will be rewarded with loyalty and love. You’ve gently removed those swords and now they open up a place for something so much more satisfying. Hearts were made to hold happiness and that’s the promise of this week.

2022 The Year in Tarot – Be patient you are creating your legacy.


The overall energy of this forthcoming year is Patience.  “What!?” Haven’t we endured enough patience already? Haven’t a lot of us already endured stops and starts over the past two years.  I’m sighing on our behalf!  But as I sip a little more tea and absorb the energy, I can see this year is actually one for great expansion.  This expansion is the kind that is rooted in stability that comes from planning and strategy.  It is, possibly, a good one for close partnerships of all kinds and it’s the year for fabulous opportunity. 

These opportunities though are not the overnight manifestations (which ones are to be honest?) but ones that use alchemy to transmute all we’ve assimilated.  There’s some chaos ahead but the kind that is essential to push your limits and have you really proud of your personal and professional achievements.  It’s not chaos that breaks you anymore. You have built your platform to stand upon and its strong.  So let’s take a closer look.  I have pulled a card from the viceversa tarot to represent each month but as ever the energy is fluid.  Actually this year it’s even more evident that, rather than just tapping into the vibrational potential, we are creating that potential and being the life source for our own lives. Lives that affect others for the better.

January brings us a glimpse of the years wonder ahead. A beautiful abundant pentacle within your grasp.  Within you! The Ace of Pentacles the peak of all possibilities blooming.  Whatever you have in mind for this year is an absolute ‘Yes Yes Yes’ in this card we see a summer garden so bearing in mind the message of patience, it is completely possible that achieving this Yes may well be a slow burner taking no less than half the year (probably longer).  Establishing order and priorities is key, along with retaining an understanding that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’.

In February, some may skip back into less productive thought patterns, temptations or habits.  This side of The Devil, though, gives the opportunity to escape that grasp through putting your attention and focus on what you set out to achieve the month before. Intention, intention, intention. Are you the one waiting for the energy to appear or are you being that energy?

In March you have all the potential to access your inner power signified by The Strength card.  Don’t stifle that ambition, put  it to good use.  Have fun, access the playful part of you and enjoy your time.  There are three Major Arcana in the first quarter of the year you can be powerful and effective without being overpowering. 

The Emperor the fourth Major Arcana is presiding over the fourth month of April.  Structure, leadership, inner discipline and good intentions are at the helm.  You are showing the way forward.  You are in a position to do the right thing and you have a bigger picture to what is going on.  The World as a whole is experiencing change and the past couple of years have been painfully preparing us for this part of our journey.  What legacy are you creating? This Aries warrior is ruled by Mars so you are tactical enough to achieve whatever you want.  The undertone (not necessarily quiet undertone) is service.  I feel strongly that your legacy is linked to what you can do for others.  This can be on a personal basis but it is also not beyond the realms of possibilities that this is much much larger.  Think Roman Empire Scale.  “What me? Little old me?!”.  …. Yes you.  There’s a strong message  that you are able to access the right resources and distribute fairly, efficiently for the betterment of many people. Wow!

Well that sounds like a huge plan! And in May it’s no wonder that your energy may be depleted look at the Nine of Wands battered and bruised. You are successful. That summer garden is almost in full bloom.  Was it worth it? Are you too exhausted from your efforts?  Now’s the time to evaluate what happens next with this legacy building?  What have you learned?  Did your hope to assist or serve get fulfilled? As ever, we’re on a journey so we may need to adjust the route, improve the experience, continue on our mission.  Don’t forget to stop off and relax in that beautiful garden you’re creating. Now you can really see the results even if you still feel you have work to do.

June brings a cloud of self doubt.  Have I done enough? Have  I saved the World? Have I saved my World? Is the impact big enough…. Oh the mental stress of it.  The burden of leading the way, lighting the path.  The burden of your vision may have an effect on you.  While you were busy being The Emperor perhaps you forgot to delegate?  Remember earlier we said you can be powerful without being overpowering.  Softly strong.  Now the vision is in place, the structure is set out, ensure you have the right people around you to carry this through.  You’re only one person, but the beauty of this is that we can connect with another, who can connect with another.  Together, we can share a vision and implement change. This King of Swords is having a crisis of confidence but there is no need. It’s ok to question if you are on the right path but don’t doubt the ability and good intentions of yourself and those around you. It’s also perfectly reasonable to trust in those around you to take over for a while. You taught them to be capable they wouldn’t be among your trusted team if not!

Around half way through the year, in and around July the competition ups! Five of Wands may bring in a little sparring. You’ve trained for this. Either actually or metaphorically. The Volcano in the distance warns of frustration or even surpressed anger. A clash of mental ideas. Careful but honest communication is required. Thrash out those ideas.

And then it happens an offer, a proposal, a proposition. Something comes towards you or your are the Page of Pentacles. August heralds new opportunities. Perhaps the seed of new money. Perhaps the garden has bloomed and a harvest is imminent. Perhaps a love with heartwarming potential is close. A message this small could easily be missed or overlooked as insignificant, especially if you are busy being The Emperor saving the world. Closer to home there is something beautifully formed, maybe even a child or pet full of curiosity that has something special to offer. New inner hope is born but with a tangible element. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly smallness of its nature it is made of something highly precious and it lights up your world!

The fourth Major Arcana (not of the deck but of this reading) materialises in September so something you’ve been working on since the beginning of the year or possibly longer creates a powerful new beginning. Your vision, Your persistence Your leadership, Your creation have, like molten lava been willed into existence. Remember again that patience, it’s paid off. You now see how you have impacted those around. The darkness and the Light have combined inside and out. The Magician’s robe has the tree of life embroidered onto it. Your creation is being birthed. You may need to withdraw from the hub hub to step back into your magic, away from distractions to bring it into the world. There are strong life connections. Maybe a much wanted child is arriving or a new addition to a family unit is bringing nourishment. If it’s something else it’s highly personal and will have you wanting to bask in the warm glow of loving energy. Just like a proud parent there is a sense of accomplishment. Is this your legacy gazing back at you?

In October whatever changes occurred in the previous month’s have got your mind working. The five of Swords this side has you question if you’ve completed you tasks, if you have more to do or if you want to move on to the next quest. There will be challenges to whatever you decide. You may need courage but we know now you have plenty of that.

Are you only thinking or worrying about money in November? The Wizzard in the Four of Pentacles has all four elements earth, air, fire and water. We need all not just one for a balanced life. If finances are your only focus you a missing out on some of the beauty of life. If you were blessed with a child, pet or project this year and it’s impacting your income, remember you are the magician pouring all elements into your abundant life. Yes there’s a time to be practical but there’s a need to alchemically blend it with your passion, inspiration and dreams. Creator create magic.

And it looks like, being the Wizzard you are you’ve only gone and done it again. You’ve got through another year. Not scraped through. Not slid through but sparred, and led and inspired. You’ve laid a legacy. You’ve created magic. You’ve stepped up with integrity and intention and by the time December arrives you’ve created a whole new World. Breathtakingly awesome. It’s time to rest and celebrate with a dance of joy. I’d say you can’t imagine how you’re going to feel or what you are going to have achieved but as with all stories they have a beginning not just an end. This beginning started 12 months ago when you saw you vision, felt your vision, stepped into you power and created your vision, through patience with love.

Your legacy is here and you will love it!

The Week Ahead 2-9 January 2022 Communication is key.

It turns out even if you do tarot cards daily you can still laugh out loud when the cards chuck out the same ones using different decks.  I’d just finished the month ahead reading and chose the next deck.  Hey presto the The Magician reversed shows himself again.  In case you haven’t read January’s reading I’ve interpreted his appearance as significant for this month especially as numerically it’s number 1 and it’s the first month and it has powerful communication vibes.  Someone, has a lot to say! Because he’s reversed there may well be a pause in this expression. 

The Seven of Swords could have you feeling defensive or perhaps you are just holding back what you want to say at this time. The overall oracle energy advises to release your past and of course, we are on the brink of a bright new year so release it you must!

We then see The Queen of Pentacles next to the Knight of Pentacles.  If this communication is two people one of them may well wonder what they have to offer.  Perhaps one is younger (or less mature/spiritually evolved) than the other.  Perhaps one appears a little more independent.  After all The Queen of Pentacles is so so independent but that doesn’t mean she can’t choose to listen to what the other has to say.  The Knights message is sure to have some value to her and it’s offer is full of well meaning.and potential.

The Moon’s influence brings fears and insecurity to the surface with all parties involved.  Calm yourself, your past is nothing like your future and the value on offer is greater than you think.  I can’t help but feel you are keeping a lid on your emotions.  Watch that because the eight of Swords indicate that you sense there’s something good to come out of this situation but communication is the key.

Happy New Year.

2022- The Month Ahead January… Communication is on fire!

There’s a lot to be said for symbolically starting a new year with the best intentions. We can kiss goodbye to all that went before and say hello to all we hope for. This month’s oracle energy from Gabrielle Bernstein’s ‘Universe has your back’ deck emphasises our ability to learn our lessons wrapped up in a comfort blanket of love.

Unsurprisingly the month starts off with reflection and I see the first row strongly indicates partnerships of all kinds work, family, lovers may well be on our minds. You are aware of your toolset. The Magician reversed perhaps has us holding back from fully manifesting our desires, maybe just while we shed the last of our self induced fears (9 of Swords reversed) The Magician is also number 1, as is January and it’s ruler is Mercury the planet of communication so you may well feel the potential brimming beneath the surface. You are about to express this potential during the first part of this month. In person or as a presentation, but not before the Hermit reversed has you taking some time to yourself, to prioritise on what’s important. Some things will need to be out aside in order to focus on partnerships that need attention.

The good news is, it doesn’t need to be a painful evolution that we went through last year, I sense that most of the healing work we did over the past 12-18months is now well embedded. You are ready to shine. Truly shine. The Sun in any reading raises the vibrational energy and promises much to look forward to. Perhaps even a little getaway would do you good. You may need to balance your finances or time but I suspect you would really enjoy that time to rebalance.

The Ace of Swords brings more of that clear thinking that’s emerged from the time to reflect and if you’ve taken that mini break then you should feel a zing a zing ready! Your radiance is returning. Charisma and a little bounce in your step helps you as you go about the day to day tasks. This helps you enjoy the simple things in life again, which quite honestly is a gift, especially at this time of year!

So the challenges for the month? Well your character may be tested through some sort of set backs. Feel like reducing the effort? Ssshhh, stop overthinking… Trust in the strength you have gained (9 of Wands) those skills won’t desert you. You are more than capable of strategising your next moves. This month however, things will seem a lot clearer. You vision is brighter.

If you need another break take one! Replenish your soul. In doing so you will bring a little zing a zing to those around you too. We end the month with the King of Cups he’s only capable of such emotional intelligence because he took care of himself! Assisted by Mercury your communication skills are in full force…. Use them with the finesse and grace you are blessed with. You or someone close to you are about to be the embodiment of compassion and guidance.

Happy New Year ….

26 December 2021 – 1 January 2022

Erase all contacts of people who haven’t served you well! Delete their numbers and settle any closure yourself. No need to give that power to someone else.

We have several reversals in this reading meaning many of us may be trawling through the past year, perhaps being a little harsh on ourselves. If things haven’t worked out as planned it is ok! What you may need to hear again, is that you hold the power, the Queen of Wands crowns this reading and her energy eclipses all the other cards. Whether you are male or female she is the essence of creative energy. She’s vibrant. Attractive. Motivated and motivational. Look how she delights over all she has brought into the world.

You may have the realisation (Knight of Pentacles) that you have put a lot of effort into your career, perhaps you have had workaholic tendancies and perhaps, you are pleased with what you have attained in this area. Maybe though, the is a small niggle that prods at your success (6 of Wands) that leaves you feeling that in some other area you have failed? Or it is possible that you haven’t showcased something of value and a fantastic idea or intuition is laying in the shadows? Remember that wherever your doubts lie, you are worthy of having success in all areas of life. You’re not a one trick pony!

4 of Pentacles. Don’t hold back. Not with your talents and not with your feelings. Share what you have and create further abundance with and for others. Every step you take at the moment is creating faith in your future.

Two of Pentacles reversed: To gain the success in the area of your life you’ve been neglecting, requires balancing areas of your life. You are more than capable of doing this, so go ahead Queen of Wands, use your passion to light up your life and fire on all cylinders. The fears you feel are illusions of your overthinking (Nine of Swords).

As we end this year, know that all you have been through is your foundation, strength has been gained and character has been built. Have a wonderful new year 2022 is going to be good! Live and light x

What a gorgeous week ahead reading 19 -25 December

How absolutely, amazed I was, when my small girl chose this week’s decks for the week leading to Christmas. And how beautiful it was that Mary Magdalene (Jesus’ twin flame) was the central energy. I wish you could have seen my face! As we close off the year, you are prompted to use your voice to share what you have learned, in order to help others. Trust in the power of your soul. You are backed by heaven and the universe. The world needs you and is ready to hear what you have to say

Perhaps this message isn’t world dominating (although it really could be) but to someone it may well change their world!

The Ace of Swords is the expression of truth and clarity of thought. The gift of this ace is used in the service of the world and all who live here (animals included). So we see a strong theme of acts of service and in particular the expression of knowledge that can be used to help others. It is likely with the Ten of Swords reversed that your personal truths will have been gained through loss or pain. Those losses have now transmuted and become lessons that can benefit someone else. You have grown, you have healed and through this process you bring healing and growth to others. It really is quite magical when you feel your own transformation as a person and see how it enhances and creates new relationships and enables health and growth within those.

The Ten of Cups is happiness, joy, the fulfilment that comes through stability and shared dreams, positive relationships, not necessarily romantic or personal, but highly likely to be. Whatever, the dynamic, the dream and goal is beneficial and encompassing. The Queen of Pentacles is self made and comfortable. What she has she earned. The archetypical working parent/provider while she could ‘do it all’ she encourages her ‘team’ to participate as she knows that the trials and errors will lead to the feeling and actualisation of abundance that she has. She is teaching and leading by example lovingly. While she does not seek adoration it natural gravitates towards her because her generous spirit provides a warm cloak of confidence over all that she cares for

You have completed this cycle. We have all but completed this year. Whatever, challenges have faced you, you have dealt with. There should be a sense of achievement. I’m proud of you. You are so much more than you were even a year ago!

As Christmas Eve approaches, snuggle contentedly the Ten of Pentacles announces the start of a new period in which your legacy grows. Perhaps you don’t even know it, but you have and you are ready to step forward into a fresh new year, clearer than before, ready to speak that message. The Moon Reversed has shed those fears and you have emerged quietly confident in the journey ahead.

For now though, gorgeous people, have a wonderful rest and absorb all you have worked for. Raise a glass! “To you” You deserve it!

Merry Christmas!

The Week Ahead: 12-19 December 2021

A lot is going on under the surface.  This is a time to trust and let things happen.  There is still much effort on our part to put in but there’s no need to stick ridgely to our plans as this can block progress.

The World reversed signifies the end of a project or life cycle is coming to close.  We are almost at the close of the year too, so perhaps we are hurrying to wrap things up and be ready to start a fresh in January.  The Three of Wands reversed may have us feeling the delays or actually experiencing them.  Show up for yourself (Judgement).  Are you putting as much effort in as possible?  Are you doing your best for yourself and others? If so don’t let these obstacles get to you!

If these blocks and delays are affecting you take comfort in knowing you are exactly where you’re supposed to be! The 6 of Pentacles reminds us that we have been here before.  We are more than capable of working through what’s necessary to tidy up this ending.  If a similarity to the past is triggering you,  remember that you are a different person now yet you can use those experiences to make different choices. This card can also indicate reminiscing with old friends so let that take your mind off things.

Temperance asks us where we are focussing our precious energy this week.  Temperance is the art of alchemy.  It’s moderation, don’t be tempted to go to extremes.  An all or nothing approach is not required.  Whatever situation we are trying to close up, find a balance of action and patience.

I have a feeling that by the end of the week that patience will have paid off. Both the Nine of Pentacles and the Seven of Pentacles are the result of patiently working on your goals. You should start feeling a little brighter a little more grateful for your efforts. Celebrate quietly to yourself that you are now seeing or about to see the abundant harvest of your efforts.

The Mantra for the 7 of Pentacles is:

As I give thanks for what I am about to harvest, I know that my life is headed in the right direction

Whatever decision you have come to take a pause to reflect and remind yourself that progress is never made overnight.

The Week Ahead: 5-12 December 2021 … Commitment with self love at the centre

There’s a lot to be grateful for this week. The monthly reading showed some of those inner wounds appearing but learning to live with them and the lessons they provide. This week’s spread has a similar feel. Much comfort and peace is present, even if there are still things to do. Your family unit or vision of it (however it’s structured) will bring a rich source of love and healing. The central oracle energy is Mother Mary and no matter what spiritual or religious take you have she smooths over difficult times and quarrels. She encourages a nurturing approach and a bigger view. If you have a difficult relationship with a mother or mother figure now is a good time to heal this. Even if your own mother has passed on , quiet meditation and connectedness and offering forgiveness is called for. Remember, forgiveness is not removing boundaries or condoning harm done, it a is a path for our own healing and way to love ourselves.

The first three cards of the week are wonderful cleansing cards. Gratitude embraces this reading and I’m feeling much warmth.

The Lovers ,of course symbolises couple relationships as well as big life defining choices and commitments. There’s a sense of you wanting to give yourself an environment that benefits you, helps you grow and as such provides a fertile ground for you and your family. This desire to create a happy family feel may well see many choosing to commit. Commit to each other, Commit to community. Commit to a heartfelt project. Whatever, it will involve teamwork, collaboration and friendship. I’m all glowy, this sort of thing makes me emotional!

There is an overall harmonious feeling, peaceful and loving. A sense of unity. I wouldn’t be surprised to see many of you entering into union. Proposals may we’ll be at the forefront of many minds. The Four of Wands is often a strong indicator of marriage, new homes, soul union and it’s next to the Lovers and Three of Cups. This three of cups is full of celebration.

The Ten of Swords closes off the end of a cycle. You are surmounting past pains. Psychologically, you should be feeling some relief and with the Eight of Wands reversed a pause before action is indicated. If this is a contemplative pause that’s good but the Ace of Wands reversed advises to speak your truth. Don’t hold back your words. Express yourself without confusion.

Six of Wands completes this read with more healing energy. You are on the right path. You have the right idea. Whatever gives you this wonderful sense of completion is absolutely for you. And yes! We go full circle with self love at the foundation of what’s to come. What a lovely week ahead. I think you’re going to be feeling good. Let me know how this plays out for you.

The Month Ahead; December 2021

Beautiful metamorphosis. You are more than you were.

The last monthly reading of the year and also closing off a cycle that may have us reflecting on the energies of the past 18months. We’ll not see another lunar eclipse like the one that occurs at the beginning of December until almost the end of this decade. Many of my recent readings both private and general have been big on growth, accession and tuning into your spiritual transition and purpose. What lessons have you learned over the past 12-18months? Certainly as a collective we’ve had a lot of unusual things to deal with in terms of the effects of the pandemic, which has caused a lot of people to reflect on their lives. I see the shift in this perspective clearly here in this reading. Discomfort, though is often the catalyst for change. The overall oracle energy is ‘Unhappiness’ urging us to align with our true calling and souls purpose. If you are stuffing down or drowning out your inner voice it’s time to listen to your heart’s voice.

Two of Pentacles We’re so busy this month or feel like we are. Perhaps dealing with storms on teacups, juggling our responsibilities, feeling perilously close to the cliff edge. We need to find balance and if anyone can do this the Mad Hatter is wierdly capable of making sense of everything going on, but he needs to find a quiet spot to take stock. Woah! You say “Didn’t you notice he’s juggling time?”… Of course, but you know what they say. No one gets more done than a busy person! Make the time you Mad Hatter.

Three of Swords The astrological phase we are going through will be highlighting Truths, just like the three swords. As you work your way through the lessons of the past 18 months and unpeel the parts of your life that no longer work for you, those three swords cut deep. Rather than the searing pain that once pierced your heart they now are rooted there in quiet discomfort. No need to remove them though, acknowledge the truth of the wounds and learn and grow. Like the Seven of Pentacles Reversed your efforts may feel wasted but were they really? Reflect on what didn’t go as you would have liked and even if what you had set out to achieve was actually what you want or need now. Not all battles are worth the fight (Five of Swords reversed). Don’t beat yourself up and don’t harbour resentment it’s just not worth adding a fourth sword to that overburdened heart is it?

As we enter Capricorn season (The Devil) towards the end of the month we have the perfect energy to release those things that no longer connect to our divine purpose. The things that we once believed would bring us so much satisfaction so we toiled for them, we cling on to them desperately, afraid to let go of the security created in our minds. Just like this card even a delightful Tea Party can become tedious if it’s everlasting …. Lewis Carroll gives the Queen of hearts the quote

” He’s murdering time! Off with his head!”

And wasn’t the Queen right. When we loose our way with things that bind us to an empty life it’s harder to extricate ourselves. Note I said harder, not impossible. Get up and walk away from That Tea Party. You are getting planetary assistance this month.

The Knight of Swords reversed tells you to not overthink. Just take the first step. Any action. Any step, it doesn’t matter just away from what is no longer for you. Of course, your heart strings may be tugged, you are leaving something (or someone) that you believed in, worked towards, put time, effort or love into. But all is not lost with the Five of cups. You are so busy reaching for the spilled cups you have forgotten two mighty fine tankards are beside you full of everything you need.

The Six of Cups can have us manipulating memories. Nostalgia is comforting. But, not useful if we let it interfere with our personal growth. As you stand on this brink of a new cycle and enter into this wonderful new period of development ( that spans several years ahead) touch on the authentic you. Be honest in your interactions. Be authentic. Be kind.

What you can’t see before you, but may well be yearning is unconditional love, happiness and a fledgling new innocence that you never knew existed within you. What a beautiful person you are becoming and just like the metamorphosis of a butterfly it’s not easy. Who knows the catapillar may be frightened, pained, scared but as he bursts from his cocoon and learns to fly, he sees the world from a magical and new perspective. He sees now, those truths in new light and now can barely remember what life as a catapillar was like.

The World brings more major arcana big transformational changes. And your world will not look the same. Yes , just like this major eclipse The World is the last of the Major Arcana. The end of a chapter. Like Alice, when you reflect, you see you may have faced issues of identity. The literature with this deck (Tarot in Wonderland) says as well as issues with identity Alice may have had ideas of;

Childhood Vs adulthood, reason Vs insanity, cruelty Vs kindness, curiosity Vs fear, language Vs communication, freedom Vs confinement, justice Vs mercy and reality Vs dreams.

Does this sound familiar? Yes? Now you know you have learned these lessons. You are adaptable and can use them in the real world whatever the situation you find yourself in, you have honed your skills and are so much more than you were before

Get ready for things to flow again. To give love. To be generous. To share your talents. Four of Pentacles reversed triggers that new flow of abundance. Temperance reversed, the final major arcana of this reading helps you release the control that has kept you resisting this change. She asks you to become more flexible in your approach, and embrace life in a more childlike way, yet with more wisdom. I’m not sure you realise that this whole thing has been an enormous victory, I believe it’s because you feel a little battle weary.

Just like Alice, no matter what’s going on, no matter what changes, you always come back to yourself but are forever changed. The trials you’ve experienced are making you the person you’re meant to be. Welcome home it’s time to celebrate with friends, family and loved ones.

Wishing you a beautiful metamorphosis and a wonderful December.