The weeks ahead : 20-26 November -Decisions, decisions… Decisions

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Goodness me what a week, have you diverted catastrophe? Are you feeling frazzled? I’ve felt this theme more than a few times over the past few months and here’s another similar week. Choices are at hand … Poor Alice is faced with decisions but are the directions all heading to much of the same place? Hmm when you’re feeling blindfolded and in a place seemingly with no good choice, it’s time to pause… Doing nothing is also a choice. #Temperance enables us to find balance… Perhaps, though this balance is more about adding a bit more or a bit less of something into your week. A bit more of what would feel good? A bit less of something else may matter more. Choosing the things that make a difference to your wellbeing may well be a lot more beneficial than being moderate. Our Knight of Wands has most likely put so much effort into one thing or another that he is feeling a little bored, or a little tired or a little jaded about his mission that, that effort could well be directed in another area and result in refreshment. You don’t need to do nothing to feel rested …

The four of cups is looking at where you put your energy this week. Which social activities? Which family events. What projects do you participate in … ? Choose wisely as the reversed Queen of cups is at risk of zoning out and not enjoying much at all, she may also discover that her heart lies in being a available to offer her services where they will be appreciated and that feels like the best choice of all.

The week ahead; 6 -12 November 2022… Too much responsibility not enough yellow!

Such a dark and gloomy spread surrounds the glorious yellowness of this week’s central oracle card. ‘Happiness is my Birthright’. There she is nestled in the centre radiating beautiful bright light over the gloominess of the surrounding cards.

We see, however, a smug farmworker relaxed and satisfied that he had the foresight to gather his harvest and prepare for the gloomy times. So I get the sense that when dealing with whatever is less than ‘yellow’ this week, it’s important to stay connected to the brighter side of life. The Emperor and Moon are reversed making it possible that you are feeling those responsibilities and really wanting to evade them. You won’t drown! Your fears will subside but do take some time to remember that your happiness is also important. If there’s a sense that you can’t keep everything together or you want to throw in the towel, know you are almost there, but my goodness look at the nine of swords , the poor guy is battle weary and in need of a little TLC. We know that when nines are showing, a phase is almost done. I believe all the preparation and most of the work is completed. The tenth wand is on its way… Oh yes, how silly of me, that tenth wand! In this case this week, it’s time to not take on anything else. You know that Ace is offering up a new beginning or project but you have to reassess what elements of work or home life you want or need. Taking on too much will just make things muddled… Now I see where the stress and feeling of being trapped is coming from. Be a kind father to yourself this week. Don’t take on too much. Delegate if required drop something if not … If it makes you happy and brings you some lovely warm yellow feelings then fill your cup and make hay!

The week ahead: 30 October – 5 November 2022

Beautiful Radha’s energy oversees this week, making sure you connect with your own personal power and hearts desire. We’ve also got the Empress and Emperor a divine pair radiating their leadership over their empire.

You’re coming out of a ‘lack’ mindset into a ‘growth’ mindset helping you move forward. Your could be working in conjunction with a soul partner or teamed up with a powerful career group. Alternatively this week you could be firing on all cylinders in peak balance. The Emperor and Empress and the tip top tarot archetypes both masculine and feminine energies are here, leading and nurturing, they are a powerful pair producing legacies. Whatever they participate in will be excellent. Directing, creating, loving, building something worthwhile. You may find you have a sudden inspiration as the Ace of Swords provides clarity or a breakthrough. An awareness of knowing what you are doing may have you keen to get results and be seen to be achieving. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Once you’ve run through competing issues and conflicts you’ll be ready to start afresh with something dynamic.

The Month Ahead: November 2022 ..Hey you calm down…. Indulge in the simple life.

Is it because of the clock change or the season? There’s a lot of reversals in November’s reading. Whenever this happens I feel the few uprights have greater significance. I love to have a positive slant on a read no matter how it comes out but in the end you have to read the energy and interpret it.

Hibernation springs to mind. Maybe this is what you want to do. Perhaps you’re in need of a good rest. Is there family or business friction? Are you recovering from a sense of betrayal? Do you feel discombobulated and without the energy for a plan?

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Maybe you’ve separated yourself from others to gain some clarity of thought or energy. Certainly some time in a peaceful environment would help. The Queen of cups is able to gather herself. She is apt at tuning herself in and out of all that is going on. Maybe you are too it just feels as though there is overwhelming events and this month perhaps your usual competitive fire is dwindling. Don’t worry, listen to what you need. If you’re like me and you chastise yourself for resting then stop. Make a little cosy retreat and a trip down memory lane to happy, stress free times. Print out happy photographic memories, make a photo wall, perhaps create photographic gifts in preparation for the festive season.

The Fool encourages you to have faith and know that all is working towards a joined up future. If you long for simpler times, go ahead give yourself permission to temporarily or maybe permanently reduce things that bring complexity to your life. Connect back to things that brought you joy as a child.

The King of Cups is the Queen of Cup’s mirror image in this reading, highlighting this sense of emotional imbalance and that no matter how well you usually juggle things, this month may call you to question your ability to handle life quite as skilfully. The Queens energy is in the upright so tap into the flow of a more nurturing way of being this month. Relax, look around, there are more opportunities to find some solice than may first be apparent. Take an autumnal walk kicking up the leaves. Sit next to a bonfire or pop into a pub and hog the fireside seat. Take a blustery walk on a rugged mountain path and have a wintery picnic of hot chocolate and apple cake. Open that book you meant to read several months ago….. And breathe… Don’t you deserve just a little time to yourself? I think you do go on indulge in the simple things!

23 – 30 October 2022: The Week Ahead -Intergalactic….Full steam ahead!

The two central energy Oracle cards burst into this reading with such power that I wish you could have seen it and look at all that purple! Cosmic forces are behind you and as you can clearly see a brand new start is on its way… As long as you STEP OUT YOUR COMFORT ZONE!

‘No!’, I hear your inner cry… #eightofswords I can’t, there’s this reason, there’s that reason, I have no time to dive into my calling, the economy is unsettled. #devilreversed #eightofcups But you are breaking free from negative thinking and you are ready to go in search of what will bring you soulful fulfilment. #theknightofwandsreversed #fourofcuosreversed You may have to commit to this though, leave behind whimsical ways, identify your goals, clearly, purposefully and intentionally. Use the next new moon to stir up a magical formula and leap forward in a spirit enhancing manner. But don’t wait for that moon to appear start now, one step, then two…

#twoofcups #justice Once you commit to your own souls purpose the outcome will be good for all involved. This week the seeds of something worthwhile could be sown. This week you get to line up your souls desire and, if you seize the opportunity this week, you also get a little of that cosmic energy enabling the fire to be stoked. Its full steam ahead for a new start. Get going my loves, get going!

October 16 – 22 – The Week Ahead: Sitting on a plan

Three Queens in this reading two reversed …Aries energy and a couple of pages! Who’s sitting on a plan?

Now is the time to take action. I know there’s internal doubt, and I’m sure feeling a lot of that this week. Perhaps you’re stuffing down emotions, perhaps you don’t believe that a fulfilling, abundant future is waiting for you? Maybe you think what’s on offer or available just isn’t good enough #queenofcupsreversed #queenofpentaclesreversed #pageofpentacles

There may have been a level of codependency that is making way for something a little more independent but you’re just in the early stages of making these changes. Certainly this could be a separation of some kind. Putting a distance between yourself and someone that is no longer on the same wavelength as you. Or it could be a change in your own thoughts. If you want to keep the connection the #pageofswords suggests trying alternative ways of communication.

#queenofwands Either way, follow the path that sparks your interest. Where do you want to go? What piques your curiosity? Who holds your interest? Is that course of study drawing you in? The third queen of the week is full of passion. She’s is all about entrepreneurial energy. Progressive, courageous and determined, so you see, the doubts you have need to be laid to rest. The central oracle with it’s Aries energy is the kind of energy that’s persistent and pays off. This plan could be long term and slow burning so don’t be surprised if the results take a while. Don’t let that out you off though. Stay committed #theeightofwands cautions against rushing in fact bide your time but continue with the steps in the direction you are looking towards. This week’s reading feels purposeful and productive, yes I like it and can’t wait to see it’s harvest!

October 2022 The month Ahead – Don’t let self doubt talk you into giving up!

At last you appear to be accessing some support, be careful not to turn down offers of help because of pride of believing that help isn’t really available. Do t also hoard resources through fear of failure. #sixofpentaclesreversed. Great emotional satisfaction is available to you this month #aceofpentacles. That devil energy will give you a boost of obsession, maybe that’s in your personal life but I believe it’s more career, project or hobby orientated. You’ll want to get to the bottom of things and plough on with your dreams and aspirations, but you are questioning if it’s possible. #twoofwands Planning planning planning looking ahead and as I said there’s a hint of obsession. But what successful business/sports persons isn’t obsessed with their baby.

#theheirophant Gives us more information about the structure required in your life and I love how in this card you see the stairway of ascension, indicating the progress you are making, not only on this plane but in other dimensions too. #pageofpentaclesreversed #queenofswordsreversed. It could be some opportunities feel too small for you and don’t apologise for the grandness of your dream. I suspect you are holding back a little for fear of sounding big headed or coming across brashly. It’s ok, I understand, but really what you are dreaming up is big #theworldreversed don’t be afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone, you are learning all the time.

#sevenofpentacles #thesunreversed #chariotreversed #twoofpentacles I can see that you could be on the verge of giving up. Are those fruits not blooming yet? Hey my lovely, some things just take longer and sometimes you just don’t know how close you are. The sun reversed sends her blessings in October, they are just held off. If your willpower is flagging just because you are juggling responsibility and finance and the golden egg is not in sight, know the sun (no matter what way up) heralds the sign of something very good indeed, it’s just self doubt talking. I know you don’t want to hear another pep talk but you’re getting it anyway. You’re close … Don’t give up one second from the finish line and as I’ve said before, remember, during the lull take some time to restore!

25 September -1st October 2022 The WEEK AHEAD: Loving life for what it is

This week could be one to have a quiet celebration #threeofcups indicates good times with friends but with the central theme of peace, it feels more intimate, and cosy. The lovers are close by so partnerships may be blooming or and old flame reappearing with the hanged man in reverse. You or they could have gone full circle. Now, there are decisions to be made. You are wary of your peace being disturbed and quite right too. Not just anyone should be welcomed into your inner circle.

#Death is the end of one period and the emergence of a new, that Knight of Wands is poised, passionate about the action he’s ready to take. Ready to cross from one era to another. Usually the Wands Knight loves a little fan fare announcing his arrival and departure, and while I like to think of him in his more positive image as a go getter, bare in mind he can be a little transient in energy and ready for his next adventure.

The question is, with the Ace of Pentacles reversed is that new stable beginning at hand or is it still under wraps…? I suspect with the death card that whatever has gone before is unlikely to be so again. But that’s the thing with The Knight of Wands he’ll have you believe and in the end you’ll just have to wait and see. Let’s not care about the outcome hey?! Let’s just enjoy the sense of peace and intamacy this week’s reading brings and love life as it is in this moment.

Lovely new Oracle deck by Penny Jones.

Almost there, even if it doesn’t feel like it. The Week Ahead 18 – 24 September 2022

At a glance the central oracle ‘Hope is the conduit for miracles’ is evident throughout the reading! Three of the four ‘nines’ are present along with the moon and star.

It could be that events have you feeling at a loss, but whenever the Star is present there’s always hope no matter whether presenting upright or reversed. The moon reversed will have you loosing fear about the outcome despite feeling as though the way forward is unclear. You path ahead feels unplanned and you are doubting you can succeed alone.

Those three nines (pentacles, wands, and cups) are consecutive. Totalling 27 which boils back down to nine. Which makes me think which nine is absent? Air/Swords. Which inturn makes me believe that there’s some overthinking occuring. Perhaps you aren’t operating with clarity, your thought process is subtly holding back action towards accomplishment. You are closer than you believe. Take some time this week to pause and be satisfied with all you have. The Page of Wands will have you snapping out of that well of hopelesness, triggering you to get intrigued with renewed action. Something happens to spark a little joy. News of a return on an investment, effort or love. That should bring a smile to your face and the warmth that a bit of regained hope brings.

This week in Tarot 11-17 September 2022

No crying over spilt milk is the phrase that comes to mind! Mistakes happen, that’s inevitable.  It’s how you deal with them that matters.

#aceofcuosreversed #hangedman #thehighpriestess something isn’t offering emotional fulfilment. It’s time you looked at things from a different perspective. By that I mean, real intentional dissecting.  The high priestess will be assisting with not only that thought process but also guiding you via your intuition in the most intriguing way.

#thekingofpentacles #sixofswordsreversed #fourofwandsreversed #theworld It’s as though by following your intuition and viewing from another perspective a shift has changed. You are Bossing up … Taking up the challenge, leading, gathering your resources, being responsible for your own life. The past is drifting away, yes those mistakes rattle you, but you now know they were lessons. Even in the case of the finalisation of a divorce or the calling off of an engagement, when you sit in contemplation, you feel that something was gained. Once you separate what’s gone before, you are faced with the final card. The World. A new journey, an actual new world. There’s a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of completeness… That’s something to feel very good about indeed!